Yoga Station is located at 221 East Hartsdale Avenue on the second floor, right across from the Hartsdale Train Station. The entrance is on the side of the “Dunkin’ Donuts” building with the blue brick facade. Our location is easily accessible, with both an elevator and stairs leading to the second floor studio.

Our 750 square-foot studio is awash in natural light from windows overlooking the wooded hills of Edgemont and the downtown square of Hartsdale. Located in Hartsdale’s central business district, Yoga Station is lucky to be a part of this wonderful community, complete with beauty salons, restaurants, coffee shops, pharmacies, and even a Town Clock which belts out Oskar and Hammerstein. The studio ceilings are high and decorated with Char’s wedding sari. Evening classes are often candle-lit, and we have soft light from paper lanterns to illuminate our practice.

Depending on the class size, we will have two or three rows of students. Help yourself to the props at the back of the studio. For a regular class, students will need 2 blocks, a blanket, and a strap. You may want an eye pillow for resting at the end of class. If you are new to yoga, or just to our studio, you may wish to situate yourself in the back to observe other students. Teachers typically will walk around to give verbal corrections and physical assists. Please feel free to ask the teacher for clarification or assistance anytime. It’s our pleasure to help you find your steady, comfortable seat in any pose.

Please remember to turn off or silence your phone before entering the studio.

  • Upon entering the studio, there is a warm and welcoming reception area. Please sign in at the front desk, leave your shoes in the rack, and rent your mat (if you need one.) Your teacher will be behind the desk; introduce yourself and remind the teacher of any physical limitations or challenges you are currently experiencing.
  • The restrooms are in the hall; the keys to are in a basket to the left of the front desk.
  • Help yourself to the free teas and water at the beverage station. We encourage students to bring their own water bottles. Check out the bulletin board by the shoe rack, where you will find studio and community news like workshops, massage therapists, acupuncturists and the like.
  • Walk through the studio to get to the coatroom, complete with a small changing area. Students are permitted to leave their yoga mats at the studio here in between classes. Please label your mat with first and last name on the corner to avoid confusion. You may leave your belongings in the studio and turn off your phone.


  • Your yoga practice will benefit when you can move and breathe easily.
  • Feel free to wear anything comfortable, including T-shirts, yoga pants, or jogging pants. No shoes are needed – we practice in bare feet.
  • You can bring a sweater for layering, as the studio is warmer in the summer months and cooler in the winter. You may sweat, so feel free to bring a towel.
  • Some of our community is sensitive to fragrance. Please do not wear perfumes or cologne.


  • You will need a yoga mat for class. You can buy one in our studio, rent one for $2 per class, or find one at a variety of retailers. We supply all other props-blocks, blankets, straps, etc.
  • There’s a hot and cold water dispenser in the studio. We supply paper cups, but encourage you to help the environment and bring your own water bottle or cup. (We’ll bring the tea bags!)
  • If you bring your phone, make sure it is turned off or silenced in class.
  • Bring an open mind and sense of humor-this always helps when learning something new!


  • Arrive at least 10 minutes before class begins. If the studio is not open yet, please wait in the hallway. We want you in class before the first OM!
  • Please sign-in on the clipboard in the waiting room. If you need to pay, let the teacher know. Yoga Station accepts cash, credit, or check for your class.
  • There’s a rack for your shoes in the corner of the waiting room. Please remove your shoes before entering the studio.
  • Let the teacher know if you are experiencing any health issues or concerns, in order to help you with modifications appropriate for your condition.
  • If you are running late and the studio door is closed, please wait in the reception area until after the OMs to enter the class.
  • Do not take your bags and purse into class. The changing room and waiting room have space for you to leave them. That absolutely includes your cell phone.
  • Water is permitted, but no other food, beverages, or gum.
  • After class, return your props just as you found them.
  • If you rented a mat, please clean it with the anti-bacterial wipes by the front desk.
  • For children’s classes, parents and caregivers are welcome to wait in our comfortable reception area, or leave the premises. For the safety of our charges, we require parents and caregivers to come back into the studio for pick-up.