We teach in-person classes in our living room at 25 Ridgecrest West, Scarsdale, NY 10583, a little center hall colonial on the corner of Ridgecrest West and North about a half a mile from the Hartsdale Train Station. Please feel free to park in our driveway, which is located off of Ridgecrest North, or on the street.

Our 300 square-foot home studio is awash in natural light from windows looking west and east over the pretty cul-de-sac. The airflow is tremendous, with big windows at either end of the living room. We are fully equipted with blocks, blanks, bolsters, straps and eye pillows. You may wish to borrow one of our mats at no cost.

If you are new to yoga, or just to our studio, you may wish to situate yourself in the back to observe other students. Teachers typically will walk around to give verbal corrections and physical assists. Please feel free to ask the teacher for clarification or assistance anytime. It’s our pleasure to help you find your steady, comfortable seat in any pose.

Please remember to turn off or silence your phone before entering the studio.


  • Your yoga practice will benefit when you can move and breathe easily. Feel free to wear anything comfortable, including T-shirts, shorts, yoga pants, or jogging pants. No shoes are needed – we practice in bare feet.
  • You can bring a sweater for layering, as the studio is warmer in the summer months and cooler in the winter. You may sweat, so feel free to bring a towel.
  • Some of our community is sensitive to fragrance. Please do not wear perfumes or cologne.


  • Arrive at least 10 minutes before class begins. We want you in class before the first OM!
  • Bathroom is up the flight of stairs to your left!
  • Yoga Station accepts cash, Venmo(@Char-Daigle), or check. $15 for online and $25 for in-person.
  • Please remove your shoes by the front door before entering the studio.
  • Let the teacher know if you are experiencing any health issues or concerns, in order to help you with modifications appropriate for your condition.
  • Water is permitted, but no other food, beverages, or gum.
  • After class, return your props just as you found them.