Fall 2021 Schedule

With Noted Exceptions, ALL CLASSES ARE 1 HOUR.

  • *Sunday 9:30am – 11:00am: OUTDOOR YOGA – Yoga with Ravi
  • Tuesday 9:30am: ONLINE – Hatha Yoga – Link is HERE.
  • Tuesday 4:00pm: ONLINE – Easy Hatha with Char – Link is HERE.
  • Tuesday 6:00pm: IN-PERSON YOGA – Yoga with Ravi
  • Wednesday 9:00am: ONLINE – Vinyasa – Link is HERE.
  • Wednesday 11:00am: ONLINE – Gentle Hatha – Link is HERE.
  • Wednesday 5:00pm: IN-PERSON YOGA – Vinyasa
  • Wednesday 7:00pm: IN-PERSON YOGA – Hatha
  • Saturday 8:00am: ONLINE – Hatha with Ravi – Link is HERE.
  • *Saturday 9:30am – 10:45am: IN-PERSON YOGA – Vinyasa.
  • Saturday 11:00am: HYBRID – Basics for Beginners – Link is HERE.

*In-person classes are held in our living room in Scarsdale. Outdoor classes in a Hartsdale backyard. Please call for our location.

To sign up for class, text 914-874-6295 or email yogastation@yahoo.com. We MUST register for in-person classes to ensure there is space for everyone: our love is unlimited, but our living room is not!

Online Class is $12; In-Person/Outdoors is $20. Cash, Cheque, Venmo (@Char-Daigle).