Our teachers are classically and anatomically trained to offer students a robust yoga practice that is appropriate for every level of student. Each class will contain poses, breathing exercises and a relaxation at the end. Prior to class, please remind your teacher of any physical conditions which may necessitate modifications to your practice.

  • Char Daigle is the owner of Yoga Station. Char has been teaching yoga since 1996 when she became a certified teacher through Integral Yoga Institute in NYC. In 2002, Char received further training through Bhava Yoga known for its eloquent sequencing and fantastic adjustments. Char and Ravi’s articles on yoga have been published in Yoga Journal, Shape, and American Fitness. Constantly learning, Char is working towards her Masters of Science at Yeshiva University to become a Marriage and Family Therapist. She feels blessed from the continual support of the community and offers a heartfelt thanks!
  • Ravi Malhotra has been a student of yoga since 1977 when he started taking classes at the Ramakrishna Ashram in India. Since then, he has studied from various teachers and traditions including Integral Yoga, David Life and Sharon Gannon of Jivamukti Yoga, and Richard Freeman. Ravi juxtaposes both Eastern and Western viewpoints in his classes, focusing on the physical, but integrating the subtle body, the breath, the bandhas or locks, the nadis or subtle channels, and the mind (in other words, the Union of all — Yoga).
  • Paula Pierolivo has been teaching children and adults all over the world since 2009. While in Nairobi, Paula taught yoga to expats at the International School of Kenya and children traumatized by violence at The Nest Home, where both groups experienced the healing power of yoga. In 2016, Paula became a certified Mindfulness and Yoga teacher through Little Flower Yoga. Paula’s classes are soothing and relaxing. Her light-hearted approach allow her students to feel at ease and supported during their yoga practice.