Benefits of a Yoga Practice

There are so many reasons to add yoga to your life. Maybe you need cross training after your running, cycling, weight-lifting, skiing or golfing. Maybe your doctor has suggested that a yoga practice may help you increase your flexibility and strength, or decrease your stress. The practice of yoga is part of what is recognized in the mental health field as “good mental hygiene”; a form of moving meditation that helps us get out of our head, and into our body.

Yoga, as you may have heard, is a practice. What exactly does this mean? Well, if you ever have taken piano lessons, I’m sure you have practiced scales. Maybe you have practiced scales for hours, up and down. Initially when struggling with a new scale there is an awkwardness and a clumsiness and a frustration. But slowly and surely, by committing to a regular practice, the scales become smoother and there is perhaps a sense of satisfaction as your fingers dance on the keys.

You may experience a similar trajectory when learning a new pose. You may possibly experience that familiar awkwardness, clumsiness and frustration of not being able to do it the first time. It may be very tempting to sit this one out. Just try a little bit at a time. By practicing a little bit every day, you will come closer and closer to one day achieving that sweet aha moment in even the most challenging of postures. But remember, in the end, it’s just a practice of keeping your balance.

Many of our students have found yoga when in treatment for addictions, cancer, neurological and autoimmune disorders, chronic conditions or a trauma. If this describes you, let your yoga teacher know about any medical condition you need to honor.

The Yoga Station Approach

• We take our yoga seriously, but not ourselves.
• Classes are 60 minutes unless noted.
• Yoga Station is a relaxed, welcoming inter-generational community. Yogis of all ages, levels and abilities will find a class that’s right for them.
• We started off in downtown Hartsdale, but are now online and in our living room at 25 Ridgecrest West, Scarsdale NY.
• Our classes are taught by experienced teachers with a wealth of information from a variety of yoga traditions. Ravi has been teaching since 1990, and Char since 1996, Paula since 2009. We are traditionally trained through classic lineages.
• You will receive personal attention, whether online or in-person. Our goal as teachers is to help our students deepen their practice, and giving feedback is an essential part of that.