wheel posePose of the Month

Asana for June

Wheel Pose:  Chakrasana



Come, take your place in Chakrasana, Wheel Pose.


Hands and feet pressing into the earth to lift our heart up higher.  Half wheel is often where we start, with our fist clasped beneath us to lift our hips up and lifting our chest to our chin.   Extend the tailbone to the knees so as not to strain the lower back.


To lift up higher, place fingers under the shoulders and press your hands and feet down.  You may end up with the crown of your head on the mat-that's great!  Keep the elbows shoulder-distance apart, and press the shoulders from your ears.  Eventually you may begin to straighten the elbows-all in good time!  


Modifications include: hands on blocks at a 45 degree angle against the baseboard when shoulders or wrists are tight; a rolled blanket or mat under the heels for knee discomfort; strap loops shoulder-distance apart above the elbows for tight shoulders; strap loop hip-distance apart above the knees to keep the lower back long.


Have fun!  Oh, the wheel in the sky keeps on turning....