Yoga and Mindfulness for Children

No matter what our age,  a consistent yoga practice gives us the tools to deal with life’s adversities with grace and courage ... and who wouldn’t want that for their son or daughter?

The benefits of yoga for children have been well documented -- increased strength, focus, flexibility. Through age-appropriate games, songs, and asanas we explore the world of yoga. We learn to manage big emotions like fear, anger and sadness with simple yet effective breathing, mindfulness and meditation techniques. Children leave the class knowing these tools are always available to them, empowering them to freely connect with themselves and the world around them.

Everyone, at every age, can benefit from a steady yoga practice.


Children's Classes


In each class, along with the yoga poses and breathing practices, we add a simple meditation practice. Students are taught the name of the asanas and the story behind the pose.   A short guided relaxation ends the class.  Classes are geared for elementary school-aged children.

Our Children's Yoga Teacher is Paula Pierolivo, who has been teaching all over the world since 2009. While in Nairobi, Paula taught yoga to expats at the International School of Kenya and children traumatized by violence at The Nest Home, where both groups experienced the healing power of yoga. In 2016, Paula became a certified Mindfulness and Yoga teacher through Little Flower Yoga.

Nursery-School Yoga in the Summertime!

2 - 4 year olds

Six Tuesdays

June 26th-July 31st



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Children's Yoga in the Summertime!

5 - 11 year olds

Six Wednesdays

June 27th-August 1st



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