Class Descriptions

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Vinyasa Yoga: Loosely based on Ashtanga Yoga, we use the breath to move from one asana to the next.  We practice in a warm, not hot, room.  You will sweat.  The carefully sequenced class will allow the body to release deeply held tightness and tension.  Combined with a little music, some candles, and a nice big final relaxation, what’s not to love?  Vinyasa yoga classes are geared to the practitioner with some experience, though all levels are welcome.

Slow Vinyasa: Ever feel like a vinyasa class is moving too fast for you?  This class is for you!  We slow the flow down, and enjoy the movements with a renewed focus on the breath.  Delightful for new and experienced practitioners alike!

Easy Vinyasa:  Take it back a notch!  This one hour class is an easy vinyasa geared for slow flow-loving students!  Well suited for beginners wanting to dip their toe into a Vinyasa practice.

Hatha Yoga:  Based on the series originated by Swami Satchidananda.   We hold the poses for several breaths, delving deeper and deeper with every exhalation.    Combined with breathing exercises, final relaxation, and a short meditation, Hatha Yoga is ideal for practitioners seeking a more gentle, restorative practice, as well as athletes looking to improve their game by increasing their flexibility and stamina.

Gentle Hatha:  A modified Hatha practice suitable for students with some special needs or physical limitations. Improve balance and coordination while relieving habitual stress.

Basic Hatha:  Sometimes simple is its own reward!  Nothing fancy in this class; just the basic hatha yoga asanas combined with breathing and meditation to take you to your happy place.  Very well suited for beginners interested in learning the basics, as well as more seasoned practitioner

Restorative Yoga:  What a great way to recharge!  Candlelight and soft music, a slow and restorative class on Fridays at dusk to come back to your breath, and back to your body.  No working, no striving, just being.  Delicious.

Prenatal Yoga:  Geared for women in their 2nd and 3rd trimester, prenatal yoga is the time for a woman to get in touch with her changing body and the new life inside.  No prior yoga experience is necessary. 

Back to Basics Yoga:  New to yoga?  Lots of questions?   This is the class for you.  Every Saturday a Basics Train leaves the Station.  Students are invited to hop aboard at any time during the month, as each week new fundamentals will be added.   

Week 1:  standing poses
Week 2: forward bends
Week 3: back bends
Week 4: inversions
Week 5: a full integrated class

By the 4th (or 5th) Saturday, students will have been introduced to the basic yoga poses, yogic breathing, deep relaxation, and meditation.